Come to see the band live on 22th June at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.

Antimufa Feat. Martin Sued on Bandoneón. CD Presentation, “Grillos”.


The band proudly opens its door to a new family member! Martín Sued, the best contemporary bandoneon player in Argentina, will join Antimufa for this new project.


“…Antimufa proofs that the combination of jazz and world music can create sparkling music, which moves the listener to the edge of their seat…. A quartet worthy of a big audience!”

Live at Artishock, 17 october 2015, Soest. Michiel van Ree


 “Perhaps such music exists in Argentina but this album is certainly a
great asset for the rest of the world.”

Jazzism, Ken Vos sept 2015, Nederland. ****1/2


“An intelligent album, highly recommended”

All About Jazz, Alberto Bazzurro, april 2015.


“Very tasteful, subtle, danceable and joyfully up”

“1 Track only”, Vera Vingerhoeds, 15 april, 2015.


“The title of the CD New Ways of Argentinean Music is fully realized

JazzNu, Rinus van der Heijden, April 2015


“Antimufa is a group of Argentineans living in Amsterdam playing tango, milonga en Argentinean folklore with an extra Jazzy touch”

written by Tim in Tropicalidad.be, June 2015


The First CD of the band is out!!!!!

 You can order it here, just send us an email. Or go to our Bandcamp site:




Antimufa plays tango and argentinean folk music as no other band.
Not retrospective, but primarily forward-looking and adventurous, these four Argentinean musicians are building on the musical tradition of Río de la Plata, bringing back its spirit and flavor with a distinctive instrumentation.
The spontaneous improvisation added to classic tangos, milongas and folkloric rhythms create a landscape of detailed textures, powerful melodies and sophisticated sounds.
Moreover, this is a trip that can not only be taken through the ears: The adventurous dancers are welcome to test their skills on the dance floor.

Natalio Sued: Clarinet, tenor sax and voice.

Guillermo Celano: Guitar

Adan Mizrahi: Double bass

Marcos Baggiani: Drums