“…Antimufa proofs that the combination of jazz and world music can create sparkling music, which moves the listener to the edge of their seat…. A quartet worthy of a big audience!”

Live at Artishock, 17 october 2015, Soest. Michiel van Ree


“The tone is light and precise. The special twist of this band is that the musicians give a
relativistic, often humorous spin to traditions that most non-Argentinians know only superficially. Nostalgia and melancholy are inextricably bound to the Argentine music but both are getting and ambiguous extra layer from these expats. As a special bonus, Sued’s playing calls -at times- the memory of Gato Barbieri.
“Perhaps such music exists in Argentina but this album is certainly a
great asset for the rest of the world.”

Jazzism, Ken Vos sept 2015, Nederland. ****1/2


“An intelligent album, highly recommended”

All About Jazz, Alberto Bazzurro, april 2015.


“These four gentlemen promised to promenade in the “New ways of Argentinean music”  and damned it, it looks like they really do!… This makeover of Argentinean music is extremely pleasant and refreshing”……
Ton Maas – Mixed world music – Oct 2015


“Antimufa is an ensemble of four musicians from Argentina, living in the Netherlands, who turn music from their home country into their own thing. Very tasteful, subtle, danceable and joyfully up. Antimufa plays tango and Argentine folk music not in a traditional way, but adventurous and with improvisation”

“1 Track only”, Vera Vingerhoeds, 15 april, 2015.


“Thanks to the improvisations there is a westerns element added to the music, and that gives as a result what the quartet was searching for: refreshing the Argentine repertoire, retaining its own character. The title of the CD New Ways of Argentinean Music is thus fully realized.

JazzNu, Rinus van der Heijden, April 2015


“Antimufa is a group of Argentineans living in Amsterdam playing tango, milonga en Argentinean folklore with an extra Jazzy touch”

written by Tim,, june 2015


“Antimufa brings an imaginative mix of jazz, tango and Argentine folk music.”

 Pieter Wijnstekers, Heaven 5, September 2015. NL